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From the creator of Horror Facts
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From the founder of the most popular horrorfacts.com website dedicated to the horror genre comes a new step in innovation. Providing you with a reliable, highly accessible on-demand streaming option for distributing your cinematic works to critics, press outlets, private audiences and so much more.

Our objective is to provide filmmakers, producers, publicists, and independent filmmakers with a safe, cost-free internet video streaming platform to distribute their creations to review panels.

The HorrorStreams infrastructure is designed to expand with the growth of artists, delivering both a free and a paid version of our services to those who desire to utilize them.

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You filmed a movie now you want to share it with a festival, a professional review board or maybe you just want to send it to a friend for his input. Horror Streams is an excellent alternative to using services like YouTube or Vimeo by offering not only a unique cloud based storage system but by also allowing you to provide password protected sharing, expiration dates, specific people access and so much more.

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“I was offered a free trial of the premium service for distributors, which I found to be surprisingly simple to use. I am able to supply my clients with an account for uploading their films in order to submit them to websites and professional review services. When it comes to sharing our private connections, I believe the fact that the name contains the words “horror” and “streams” goes a long way toward fostering a better environment and sense of community.”

Robert Lanvask


“The service has done wonders for the popularity of the brand. Even though the system is presently in beta, I foresee our firm employing HorrorStreams as our go-to option for horror film advertising.”

Clara Johnson

Sydney PR